5 Ways How Reflecting Will Make You a Better Leader

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“You’re always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.” — Conrad Hall   Life these days is all about instant gratification.  We see it with everything: instant news, communication in the matter of milliseconds, and  instant shopping (just think how grocery “shopping” has changed in the last few months) to name […]

Summer Leadership Series

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Join us this summer as we share a series of posts focusing on leadership and areas of potential growth.  We will share posts on Mondays and Fridays throughout the summer to help engage reflection, conversation, and energize all leaders as we prepare for leadership roles throughout the year.

Can You Tell the Difference?

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In talking with a colleague, he shared his frustration in observing a sheer sense of laziness for some of his students and parents.  He attributed it to society, the time of year, and other external factors.  As he talked, it reminded me about the book by Dan and Chip Heath, Switch.  The Heath brothers write […]

Are You A Victim Of Your Own Resume?

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It’s a sheet of paper.  Really, just a sheet of paper.  Sometimes if you’re getting crazy, it stretches to two sheets of paper.  Many employers judge you on that piece of paper.  That’s it.  In or out.  The funny thing is, we all know that.  It has been that way for years.  And while as […]